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Digital cinema studio.  Our services focus on professionals of the film industry – film distributors, festivals, producers of feature and documentary films as well as on clients, dealing with the film-video products as an additional branch of their activity – for instance advertising and media agencies, promoters, event companies. Our aim is to spare the time and financial resources of our clients, offering them the full-fledged service packages, which help them to forget about the technical side of a project. Our laboratory has all the necessary know-how: wide experience, professional skills and technical support.


Here is an example of a set of services for a film distributor – film adoptation for the distribution in the Baltic states

  • Client consulting by ordering of the materials from the copyright holder
  • Delivery and receipt of the DCP trailer and film
  • Arranging of film and trailer translation
  • Viewing print preparation for the translators and journalists
  • Preparation of subtitles (or sound-on-film) for the trailer and film
  • Preparation of adopted DCP trailers and other video formats
  • Preparation of the film’s DCP distribution prints with the subtitles
  • Final product quality control
  • Forwarding of film copies to the cinemas
  • KDM generation
  • Holding of master copies in a secure storage
  • Video conversion to Blu-Ray and other video formats (for TV, VOD, etc.)


The works of our laboratory has an excellent quality, basing on a long-term cooperation with the leading cinema networks in the Baltic countries.

Thanks to the longstanding experience with the most modern technologies of the digital cinema – DCP our laboratory owns not only all the necessary equipment but also has various valuable practical skills in the field of digital cinema.

We are successfully dealing with different projects (starting from the simple conversion of advertising videos to DCP format and ending with the preparation of 3D-subtitles for the 3D DCP films) in the shortest possible time.

Our employees regularly attend various educational exhibitions and advanced courses in order to be able to suggest our customers the most modern services of high quality.

We guarantee 100% safety of your projects from the piracy!

We are ready to offer You the most valuable what we have – our wide experience!


Full range of DCP services

  • Converting any file format to DCP
  • DCP modifications – 2D and 3D subtitling, looping, voice-over, video editing
  • Distribution material production, quality control
  • Forwarding release materials to cinemas
  • Providing secure storage for master copies

Full range of 3D DCP services

  • 3D screen subtitle application matching Hollywood standards (specifically adapted to screen depth)
  • 3D on-screen title adaptation

Full range of subtitling services

  • Providing preview copies for translators and ensuring a secure transfer
  • Generating subtitling template for translators
  • Managing time arrangements
  • Subtitle quality control (technical assessment and proofreading)
  • Synchronized bilingual subtitling

We provide translations to various foreign languages – our experienced translators are your guarantee of excellence.

We cooperate with translators specialized in film subtitling for cinemas. It allows us to offer skillfully conveyed message and high-quality mono- or bilingual subtitle translations.

We also ensure additional control of translated texts in order to avoid the human fallibility and attest the quality of products that reach our clients.

We offer a wide range of sound-on film services.

Film dubbing is executed by a professional team of announcers, commentators and sound producers. Following your request, we select our most acclaimed professionals resembling the original voice.

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Our partial clients


  • Punch Drunk Films
  • Traumfabrik
  • SIA Film Distribution

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